Cabin Life

Now that the Christmas season is over and work is back in full force we're struggling with some holiday withdrawals and can't help but wish we were back in the mountains or tucked away in a snowy cabin somewhere. Over New Year's we headed to Banff for a couple of days (stay tuned for trip photo's) and had an incredible time discovering new hikes, checking out local restaurants, and trying to keep warm. Despite visiting Banff a view times before there's something about being in the Rockies that instantly fills you with excitement and puts you in a good mood. Maybe it's the views, the fresh air and time spent outside, or the fact that every building looks like a cozy cabin, or it could be a combo of all three. Either way, we're missing those vibes and are already planning our next trip back. For anyone with plans to head out to the mountains over the last couple of months of winter or those of you wanting to transform your home into a cozy mountain cabin we've put together some of our mountain essentials for packing inspiration.

Let us know what some of your favourite hikes, restaurants, or places to stay in the Banff or Lake Louise area are. We'd love to hear from you guys and get some inspiration for our next trip!

Best Made Axe / Auxiliary Enamel Mug / Noble Syrup / Knapsack / Sweater / Flask / Red Cedar Incense / Camp Lotion / Blanket Roll

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