Modern Meets Rustic in this Wyoming Home

As far as my home and personal style goes I feel like I am constantly shifting between wanting to live in a clean white modern home with simple lines and zero clutter or wanting to move into a small rustic cabin with a ton of trinkets and layered fabrics. I always felt like these two aesthetics conflicted with one another other and I had to choose between the two, but they don't, and I don't! I absolutely love clean lines mixed with natural elements like wood or stone paired with accents of fur, dried leaves, animal skulls... basically the outdoors brought indoors, but not in a cheesy hunting cabin kind of way. That's where this home comes in, it's the perfect mix of modern meets rustic set in the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming; basically my dream home brought to fruition (except I'm not living in it). 

The home belongs to Dr. Heighten and his wife Debra who wanted a home that not only provided incredible views, but one that blended into their surroundings and brought the outdoors in. I'm obsessed with the outdoor patio area and bison head wall! More details about the home can be found here. Let me know what your favourite part of the home is below!

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