Hiking Johnston Canyon, Banff in the snow

This was our second time hiking Johnston Canyon, we went once in the summer (pt. 1 & 2), and after seeing photos of frozen waterfalls and ice climbers we decided we had to check it out in the snow, too. It's an easy hike to do if you're on your way in or out of Banff and have a couple of hours to spare. We'll have some more winter hike photos and trail information for the Banff area coming to the blog over the next few months that we're really excited to share; until then, enjoy a different perspective of Johnston Canyon! 

For anyone familiar with the Alberta Rocky Mountains we would absolutely love some recommendations for the Kananaskis area or must see stops along the Icefield Parkway. We haven't had a chance to explore either of those areas and would love to spend some time in both in the new year. Comment below or send us an e-mail with your top spots. Thanks in advance!

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