Adventure // Grande Canyon

Went to Vegas and ditched the strip for a flight over the Grand Canyon. If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas and aren't feeling the buffet or club scene, you can book a trip out to the Grande Canyon to escape for the day. There are different packages available depending on your budget or the experience you're after, we took a bus out to the Boulder City airport then hopped on a small plane providing incredible views of the desert and Lake Mead before bringing us to the edge of the Grande Canyon. Once you arrive another bus brings you out to various points along the canyon allowing you to view the river and canyon from different perspectives with the option to take a walk on the Skywalk (a glass platform over the canyon). We highly recommend touring the Grande Canyon if you're in Las Vegas, it remains my favourite memory of the trip and we cannot wait to explore more areas of the Grande Canyon (Horseshoe Bend!). 

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