Waiting on Spring

Where I live the weather doesn't start to officially feel like spring until May, depressing, I know. From what I can remember over the last couple of years the weather begins to warm, melting the majority of the snow on the ground by Easter until we are hit with a mid-April snowstorm. However, the forecast lately has been giving me some high hopes of a proper Spring season. Most stores have also begun to reveal their Spring lines which have been blowing me away! I've been really digging the new sporty styles with feminine drapey silhouettes in soft neutral tones. The looks are actually comfy to wear while still looking incredibly chic and put together. Breathing a sigh of relief and hoping this means the end to neon and crop tops. 

1. This Trench 2.  Striped Tee 3. Trouser Sweats 4. Slides 5. Timeless Sunglasses 6. BB Cream 7. Peonies 8. Leather Tote

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