Beach's of White Rock, BC

While living in BC we lived 10 minutes from both White Rock and Crescent Beach and spent many weekends and after work hours strolling, exploring, jogging, and eating fresh seafood at both of these beaches. 

White Rock is slightly more boardwalk than it is beach but has an incredible California vibe to it that makes it seems like you've completely left Canada. A drive down Marine Dr. on West Beach will take you passed endless gelato and fish & chip shops on one side and a long beautiful boardwalk and pier on the other. Head down further to East Beach for a less tourist packed view as well as a swim on the beach and roadside skim board rentals.

Crescent Beach has a much more small town beach vibe to it with restaurants and incredible ocean front homes located directly on the beach. You can stroll along a gravel path while enjoying the ocean breeze and spying on some beautiful real estate or head out and play in the ocean knowing there will be fish tacos waiting for you at a take out window. Another huge bonus, this place is way less busy than some of the beaches located in Vancouver. 


Both these beaches are worth hitting up if in the Lower Mainland area for some relaxing small town vibes and incredible beachside seafood. Plus they're only about 15 minutes away from each other! 

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