Glamping at Paws Up

Paws Up Resort located in Montana blends the two things I love most, the outdoors and stylish comfort. Camping enthusisits will likely disagree, but spending the day exploring the outdoors, followed by an evening of star gazing, sleep in a cozy bed, and waking up to perfect poached is the ideal day for me.  

Aside from these insane little tents Paws Up offers a tone of different activities, a winter stay seems the most fun, plus offers better star gazing opportunities. 

While I truly do love food cooked over a campfire (char please!) I also love the occasional fancy dining experience and this place offers up eats created by an executive chef with a focus on local ingredients. 

Added bonus; this place is located between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone making it the perfect stop over place along a road trip.

Get busy living deep!