Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland is incredible, expensive, but incredible. While travelling through Europe we spent a few days in Zurich and took a day trip to Lucerne through a tour group.

 Driving through rural Switzerland was almost surreal - the scenery was in a way similar to Canada with rolling fields, mountains, and clear lakes but a lot more clean and quaint.

The Swiss like to renovate and restructure old buildings rather than tear them down so all the small villages are filled with beautifully reworked old Swiss architecture with shutter windows and blue, red, and green accents.

The views on the way to Lucerne felt quintessentially Swiss, we even passed by cows with bells attached to their collars. After strolling around the Old Town we took a gondola ride up to Mt. Pilatus for incredible views of Lucerne and the Swiss Alps in the distant.

On our way up on the gondola there was a road winding it's way up the mountain along with walking trails with farm houses scattered about, people biking, and even a school houses with little Swiss children playing and walking along the mountain paths. 

We love Switzerland. More photos and details to come!

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