Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake, the wolf shaped turquoise lake of the rockies, is located about 40 km from Lake Louise along the Icefield Parkway. The hike up only takes about 10 minutes - totally doable as a quick stop if you're staying in the area or driving the Parkway, plus totally worth the views! If you're driving North on the Icefield Parkway look out for signs marking the Bow Summit turnoff (on the left hand side), this is where you'll want to stop for the best views of the lake. Once you turn off the highway there will be a parking lot almost immediately to the right hand side. The trailhead starts at the opposite end of the parking lot. 

Even though the hike only takes about 10 minutes this place can get crazy crowded! The trail will lead out to a large wood viewing platform over looking the lake giving you the crazy view above in the photo. We were super lucky and came for a visit at the end of May before the main swarm of summer tourists arrived so there were only about 5-8 other people there giving us a lot of space to chill. I've heard in the busier season lineups form before you can even get out onto the platform.

Hiking tip! If you veer off the trail to the right almost right before the platform (there will be a faint trail to the side as the main trail curves around) you can make your way down to a viewing spot below the platform that should hopefully be less crowded. You can even walk down a bit if you feel like exploring or getting a different view of the lake.

This place is must see and really easy to get to. Schedule it between other hiking plans for a quick trip or grab a lunch and take a seat and enjoy the view from the not-so-secret secret viewing area. Peyto Lake has been one of our favourite hiking destinations so far! We'd really love to check it out in the autumn or winter, too!

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