Capilano Suspension Park

The Capilano Suspension park has become crazy popular over the last few years. It's located in North Vancouver and stretches over the Capilano river, part of it's allure is that not only does the park consist of a suspension bridge, but a series of treetop walks and structures and a cliff walk. 

This added bonus adds the popularity of the attraction, especially when the weather cools, nights come early, and the trees a illuminated with fairy lights. True magic!

Admission to the park can be quite pricey at almost $45 per person, however, if you're a resident of BC that gives you yearly access! Since it also get quite busy, plan to make an afternoon out of it by hitting up the trading post before or after your walk to browse the shop and grab a bit to eat at one of the various cafes. 

It's easy to see why this place is so popular, especially as the holiday season quickly approaches. How perfect would strolling around here, bundled up with coffee, be?