DIY // Valentine's Tea

We're not too into the overtop cheesiness of Valentine's Day over here, but we're no hater's either. Generally we're more into the little things that make people smile like helping out with a chore you know they hate, surprising them with something you see that reminded you of them, or grabbing an extra coffee while grabbing yours, as opposed to commercial packaged chocolates. However, we will admit that indulging in a little bit of Valentine's cheese can sometimes be fun. Today we're sharing a cute homemade Valentine's Day gift idea for those of you who want to indulge in the fun, too! 

What you need:

Loose leaf tea (head to a tea shop and explore their holiday blends)

Tea filters

Needle & thread


Thin cardboard

Start by cutting the cardboard into a medium sized heart to use as a stencil, it should be large enough to fit a single serving of loose tea. Use the stencil to trace and cut heart shapes into the filters. Stitch two hearts together using your needle and thread being sure to leave about an inch unstitched towards the end, fill heart with enough tea for one serving, and stitch closed. Continue with this process until you've used up all your tea or have made your desired amount of tea bags. 


Package tea bags up in a loose tea tin, gift box, or old cigar box, stuff with a sentimental note such as "Here's some hot tea because that's what you are, a hottie", and get ready to share some delicious tea with your lover. Happy Valentine's Day!

Teas shown above all are from David's Tea. We used Organic Gold Rush, Pink Flamingo, & Read My Lips

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