Easy Ways to Connect with Nature this Fall

1. Take a walk

connect with nature

Now that it's getting cooler outside and the days a slowing down a bit it's a perfect time to take an evening or morning walk. If you live in the city or a busy neighbourhood try to get out of the city, search local hikes or walking trails, and get out into a wooded area to take in the changing season. 

2. Observe


Take the time to observe the sights and sound of the outdoors. A lot of people get lost in their phones or have the habit of listening to music while outside relaxing, working, or walking without even realizing it. Take some time, it only needs to be a few minutes, to step outside and really take in the sights of the trees, rain, sunshine or clouds and listen to what nature is telling you. Watch squirrels collecting items for winter, birds chirping, the wind rustling leaves. Head out for your evening walk and leave your phone at home and give yourself that time to appreciate your surroundings and just think without too many distractions. 

3. Shop what's in season

Head to a farmer's market or search seasonal produce in your area to find out what's in season. Seasonal produce tastes better as the produce is at it's peak and has a higher nutritional value than when it's off-season. Mother nature knows what's best for us, as soon as the weather cools our bodies naturally crave warming hearty foods, the type that just so happen to be popping up at produce stands. Check back in the coming weeks for a list of our top fall produce picks. 

4. Enjoy a break outside

connect with nature

Take time throughout your day to breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy your morning coffee and a warm breakfast outside in the crisp air, bring your favourite book outside and read outside instead of on the couch, or enjoy your day time coffee break outside instead of in the break room. 

5. Collect

connect with nature

Collect fallen leaves, pinecones, interesting twigs, or rocks on your evening walk or when you're out an about. Plan some time to create a fun fall DIY or decorations for around your home. It will be nice to have some hints of fall when winters cold sweeps in and all of life outside is covered in a thick blanket of white.