Make your home smell like Autumn

This past weekend was super chill - stay at home and house sit/watch my parents dogs kind of chill, so I decided to embrace the time at home and celebrate all things fall. Tasty treats, crime shows, pumpkin DIYs, and this stove top spice blend. It made the entire house smell incredible after only an hour or two and had a true spice/autumn scent to it that just can't be replicated with candles. The scent lent a very cozy dreamy vibe to the day, like you just stepped into one those Tumblr seasonal blogs, seriously. Pair with your favourite human, music, and seasonal drink if interested in a cozy overload. 

To make:

Slice up one apple & orange and throw them into a pot with 3 cinnamon sticks, about 1 tbsp of cloves and 3-4 star anise (I originally used 5 and it was a bit much). Cover with water and allow to come to slow boil, immediately turn down to a low simmer and allow pot to simmer for as long you like. I left mine about 3 hours and the scent was pretty intense. Store pot in fridge and reuse for the next 2-3 days, add more water as necessary. 

That's it!

get busy living deep!