Adventure // Alouette Lake

At Spruce & Gunn one of our goals is to get out and take little adventures outdoors whenever possible, even if the weather is providing us with less than desirable conditions. Depending what province we're in that can mean wearing multiple layers and carrying extra heat packs for shoes & gloves or grabbing an umbrella and a waterproof coat. Last winter we woke up ready for adventure to look out and see a stereotypical gloomy Raincouver day. Instead of letting the weather get us down and scratch out plans we grabbed a hot coffee and drove out to Golden Ears Provincial Park, one of our favourite places to explore, and took a rainy walk around Alouette Lake. The weather ended up giving the lake a beautiful eery atmosphere that was oh so PNW. Added bonus, it seemed like everyone else took the day to stay indoors because we had the entire lake all to ourselves. Here our some snaps from our rainy day out. 

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