Travel Lust // Iceland

All the cool kids go to Iceland. 

I'll admit that I've been lucky enough to travel to quite a few amazing places within the last couple of years ticking boxes off my wish list as I go, however it seems the list of Travel Wants is endless. From cities, cafes, monuments, natural wonders, and varying climates and landscapes of the world the places to see and visit is infinite. There are also some places so incredible that one visit isn't enough and you find yourself lusting to go back. For example my family and I are headed back to Venice this spring for the second time in two years and we already have our itinerary packed full. One travel destination that continues to elude me though is Iceland. It seems like recently there have been an influx of Iceland travel photos popping up on my feeds and timelines only adding insult to injury. If you haven't already scoured the web for Iceland images or are in the same travel lust boat as me, here are some images I collected to hopefully tame the urge of booking a plain ticket immediately.