Homemade Camp Candle



  1. Place wick in centre of mug using a bit of melted wax to secure it to the bottom.
  2. Wrap excess wick around pencil and balance pencil across top of mug.
  3. Melt remaining wax and drop in fragrance oil (amount depends on strength of oil)
  4. Slowly pour wax into mug
  5. Once set, trim wick, and enjoy the smell of wood fire sans wood chopping

DIY & photos via Poppytalk

How to build a Swedish Torch


1. Split dry log into quarters and create several wood splints on the inside to act as tinder.

2. Set logs upright, wrapping twine or wire along the base.

3. Add tinder and kindling to the inside of the log splits. 

4. Light bits of kindling on top of the log.

5. Allow fire to form within the log and the top is ready to be used as a cooktop. (should last 2-4 hours)

Photos and story via Huckberry