Garibaldi Lake Trail Guide


Location: Squamish, BC

Distance: 18 KM

Time:  5-7 hrs 

Difficulty:  Intermediate 

Elevation: 820 metres 

Highlights: Alpine meadows, glaciers, and turquoise blue water. 

Trailhead: Drive north of Squamish and turn right onto Daisy Lake Rd just after Rubble Creek. Drive until you reach the parking lot, from there you will find the trailhead near the wooden steps along the top section of the lot. 

Tips: After about 6 KM you will come to junction, one taking you directly to Garibaldi Lake and one that reads Taylor Meadows. While both options will bring you to the lake take the Taylor Meadows route as it brings you through a beautiful alpine meadow. One you reach the lake be sure to make your way down to the picnic/camping area to fully take in the view and maybe even take a dip. Camping is available at both Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows for those who'd like to stay longer. 

Berg Lake Trail Guide


Location: Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC

Distance: 42 KM 

Time:  8-12 hours (Overnight trip recommended) 

Difficulty: Difficult 

Elevation: 800 M

Highlights: Canyons, waterfalls, glaciers, and the lake itself 

Trailhead: From the Yellowhead Highway turn into the Mt. Robson Visitor Centre, at the end of the parking follow Kinney Lake Rd until you reach the well-marked trail head. 

Tips: You can hike the trail in one day if you are an experienced hiker and start early in the day, prepare to be out for 8-12 hours, or possibly longer depending on skill level and stops along the way. While many people do opt for this route, it is recommended that the hike be done in 2-3 days to properly take in all the sites. There are several camp grounds in the area and it highly recommended that a spot is reserved in advance through BC Parks. You can also bike the first 6-7 KMs to Kinney Lake to shorten your hiking time. There is a bike lock up area at Kinney Lake, from which you will need to carry on on foot. For longer trails be sure to carry proper gear and prepare to be on the trail longer than expected and check local weather and trail closures before heading out.