Best Places to View the Northern Lights in Canada

Check out our round up of some of the best places to view the northern lights in Canada as well as our tour and lodge picks. 

1. Yellowknife, NWT

Yellowknife is an amazing spot for northern lights viewing. The Northwest Territories lie directly beneath the aurora oval; that paired with the cities clear dark nights allow for unobstructed views of the aurora. Check out Aurora Village for tours, lodging, and beautiful teepees or one of the many other tours available.

2. Jasper, AB

Jasper is a beautiful destination for many reasons. Mountains, pristine lakes, ski hills, and way less touristy than it's rocky mountain cousin Banff. Jasper is also home to one of the world's largest dark sky preserves making it an excellent place for stargazing and viewing the northern lights. Every October the park holds a Dark Sky Festival where you can attend both free and ticketed events and workshops. Check out Jasper Planetarium for events and work shops. Be sure to book hotels and events well in advance if you plan to head to Jasper. 

3. Churchill, mt

Churchill is usually known for their polar bars, but the city is a prime location for aurora viewing with the northern lights appearing roughly 300 nights of the year. You can check out the Northern Studies Centre for information about the northern lights and area or book in one of the many tours available in the region for a chance to combine polar bears and auroras in one weekend. If your budget allows stay at one of Churchill Wild's remote cabins for an incredible close up look of Canada's north and it's wildlife. 

4. Fort McMurray, ab

Fort McMurray also lies beneath the aurora oval and is easily accessible with direct flights leaving from many major Canadian cities. You can book a tour or head out to on your own to take in the views. 

5. whitehorse, Yukon

Canada's Yukon Territory is home to an incredible landscape and diverse wildlife that warrant their own reasons to visit, but head to the area in fall or winter and you'll be blessed with sights of the aurora. Most tours are based out of Whitehorse, however you can book an evening out of the city for a stay in cabin or day time dogsledding.