Horsethief Canyon

Located outside of Drumheller, AB in the Canadian Badlands Horsethief Canyon is a large glacier form canyon and the home of many dinosaur fossil discoveries. The Canyon is located along the N Dinosaur Trail, a short drive out of town with a parking and lookout area, both of which are easily visible from the road.

 Looking out onto the canyon is like looking out into The Land Before Time with it's layered formations, coulees, and mini cacti. There is no official hiking trail, it's more of a 'choose your own adventure' type of hike.

Horsethief Canyon 11.jpg

There are worn paths leading down into the canyon, once you've made your way down you can climb up and around the various formations or make your way into the valley by eyeing out your path and finding solid footing. Don't worry about getting lost, a large part of the canyon and the main access trail is visible from most points of the canyon, and it is very easy to find new paths and make your way back without needed to backtrack.

The views are incredible and the formations have a tendency to change colours as the light changes throughout the day. The Canyon does get very hot though. It's not uncommon for temperatures to reach well into the 30s- expect the weather to feel hotter down in the canyon than it does in the parking area. 

The length of time it takes to explore the canyon varies greatly depending on how much you want to see or how far you're willing to trek. We stopped a lot along the way to take photos, rest, and just take it in and that took us about 2 hours. That time could easily double if exploring both sides of the  main gorge; or you could sit at the lookout and only spend 10 minutes in the area, but what would be the point of that?