A Norwegian Modern Mountain Lodge

This stunning split-view cabin located in the resort town of Geilo, Norway creates a modern winter retreat while still maintaining natural elements. The lodge is wrapped in timber lending to it's clean yet natural feel. Here at Spruce & Gunn we're continuously inspired by nature and human interactions with the outside world, especially eco-conscious architecture that takes materials, efficiency, and it's surroundings into consideration. We'll be starting a new series that showcases some of our favourite designs ranging from cabins, homes, eco-lodges, and resorts. Stay tuned for more, and until then, enjoy this incredible Norwegian escape. 

Designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter via Inhabitat

Wanderlust // Whitepod Eco-Luxury Resort

Hang at the top of the Swiss Alps and lap in the luxury of these eco-friendly dome cabins with their own private slopes. Lately we've been obsessing over the tiny home movement with eco-conscious designs and materials that always seem to be strategically placed in the most beautiful natural settings. Whitepod Resort let's you take that design philosophy on vacation, to the Swiss Alps, no less. The pods themselves are made of a lightweight construction (so lightweight they are easily transportable to different locations) placed on wooden platforms with open views of the alps, their own bathroom, wood-burning stove, and are lit using only lanterns. If you're not yet  impressed please see below for a look inside the accommodations. Hit the the slopes, take a hike, or join a dog sledding team and retreat back to these little domes of perfection. Whitepod, you're officially added to our list. 

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