Garibaldi Lake Trail Guide


Location: Squamish, BC

Distance: 18 KM

Time:  5-7 hrs 

Difficulty:  Intermediate 

Elevation: 820 metres 

Highlights: Alpine meadows, glaciers, and turquoise blue water. 

Trailhead: Drive north of Squamish and turn right onto Daisy Lake Rd just after Rubble Creek. Drive until you reach the parking lot, from there you will find the trailhead near the wooden steps along the top section of the lot. 

Tips: After about 6 KM you will come to junction, one taking you directly to Garibaldi Lake and one that reads Taylor Meadows. While both options will bring you to the lake take the Taylor Meadows route as it brings you through a beautiful alpine meadow. One you reach the lake be sure to make your way down to the picnic/camping area to fully take in the view and maybe even take a dip. Camping is available at both Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows for those who'd like to stay longer. 

Columbia Glacier, Alaska

Alaska's Columbia Glacier is a tidewater glacier (a glacier that flows into the ocean) that descends through the Chugach Mountains and into Prince William Sound. The glacier is a large 1000 square kilometres and is one the world's fastest moving glaciers. Tidewater glaciers have a tendency to retreat faster than land glaciers as changes in ice thickness from surface melt can create drastic changes in ice flow while land glaciers only lose mass from run off. The glaciers retreat has generated a large amount of icebergs since in the 1980s, however scientists have predicted the glaciers retreat will stop around 2020 when it reaches a new stable position. 

For a deeper look into the world's glaciers and vastly changing landscape check out Chasing Ice

Photos by Andrew Kearns