Goldstream Bridge Hike

Location: Victoria, BC

Distance: 3 km

Time: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Moderate 

Elevation: 170 m

Highlights: A waterfall and trestle bridge. 

Trailhead: Starts near the Nature House; directions below.


Walk past the picnic area north towards the Nature House and follow the trail, turn left at the junction until you see a bridge & tunnel leading underneath the highway. You'll need to go through this tunnel to get on to the other side of the highway and reach the trails. To see the falls walk up the left side of the creek, there will be a short, well defined trail leading to Niagara Falls. To see the trestle bridge head back to the creek, across the creek bed will be a steep path, take this and follow it across a bridge and up some steps until you a reach a sign for the Gold Mine Trail. The Gold Mind Trail is to the left, however there is an unmarked trail to the right that will take you to the trestle bridge. Follow this trail uphill as the bridge comes into view until you reach the tracks and bridge to the right. 

Tips: Since you'll be walking into a creek it's best to wear waterproof shoes since the amount of water can vary depending on rain/snowmelt. And much like the famous PNW bridge this bridge is on private property so there is a possibility of being ticketed for walking out on the bridge, venture at your own discretion.