Q&A with Kristin Ellis

Meet Kristin Ellis; travel, adventure, portrait, and wildlife photographer based out of Tampa, Florida. Through her work, Kristin aims to ignite viewers with curiosity for the wild and capture the importance of protecting our planets most raw and beautiful places. We first discovered Kristin through her incredible landscape and wildlife photography on Instagram and quickly became even bigger fans when we discovered her true love and passion for the our natural world and it's species. She's a big fan of Pacific Wild, too! To get to know Kristin and explore some of her photography, read on and check out her website

1. Hey Kristin, to start off, introduce yourself and where you’re from.

My name is Kristin Ellis, an aspiring conservation photographer, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. 

2. You’ve mentioned that you hope to one day be viewed as a conservationist, can you elaborate on this and give us a bit of info on what you’re working on?

I think that protecting our planet and educating others on the significance of animal and plant species in our environment should be top priority. Through my photographic work, I aim to ignite viewers with curiosity for the wild and capture the importance of protecting our planets most raw and beautiful places. I believe social media is an excellent education tool! For example, when I post photos of certain species of animals or unique locations, I’ll write a short description under each photo. Viewers then ask questions and are intrigued to visit these places and learn more about them.

3. We absolutely love your photos and your passion for the environment, how did your love for nature start?

Thank you so much! My love for the environment has always been present ever since I was a child. I grew up always playing outside, bringing home creatures of all sorts, and collecting rocks, shells, feathers, and other items that I would find in the woods. My idol growing up, that I think had the biggest impact on who I am today, was of course Steve Irwin. Seeing the unconditional love he had for nature really inspired me to want to do something similar, but in my own way, which is through photography. 

4. What places are you hoping to explore in 2017?

I am hoping to explore Utah, Wyoming, Northern California, and Canada (again because I loved it so much).

5. In these photos you travelled to Washington, Vancouver, and Whistler - what’s your favourite thing about the exploring the PNW?

The Pacific Northwest is nothing short of magical. It is definitely one of the most awe-inspiring places in North America. My favorite thing about exploring the PNW was that everywhere you look there is something unusual and magnificently unexpected. For example, one day we were standing at the base of the massive Mt. Rainier, then the next day we were being held up by the trunks of Douglas Fir trees, dangling above a river in British Columbia’s temperate rainforest. There was so much to see and simply not enough time. My family and I attempted to make the most out of this trip by trying to visit as many places as we could. We still couldn’t manage to see all of the splendor that the PNW has to offer. I would love to take another trip back in the near future.

6. Who are some of your favourite people to follow on Instagram?

Some of my absolute favorite people to follow on Instagram are Ian McAllister, Alex Strohl, Paul Nicklen, Brian Skerry, Pacific Wild, and of course National Geographic. I could go on and on! There are so many inspiring people out there!

7. We love how you capture wildlife. Do you have any rules for wildlife photography to ensure you don’t disturb the animals or their habitat? 

Thank you! Yes I make sure to keep a good distance away from wildlife. Having a telephoto lens that can capture clear images at a far distance is definitely essential to not disturbing wildlife. If I see an animal take notice of me, I talk calmly and softly so it knows I’m there and hopefully gets used to my being there. If I notice the animal becoming uneasy of my presence, I back away slowly and leave the area. Intruding on an animals habitat has its limits and I think it’s important to respect that animal. 

8. Lastly, care to give a shout out to your favourite organization or conservationist out there? 

The National Park Service, Pacific Wild, and The Nature Conservancy. Thank you for all you do to protect our planet’s beautiful places and beings.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and giving our readers a glimpse into who you are. 
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