Stawamus Chief

Location: Squamish, BC

Distance: 11 km

Time:  5 hrs 

Difficulty:  Moderate

Elevation: 600 m

Highlights: The view of Howe Sound, Squamish, and the Sea-to-Sky Highway

Trailhead: Shannon Falls parking lot, opposite the main falls viewing platform.


Walk to the Shannon Falls main lookout, then head in the opposite direction of the falls to a clearing following a trail to the right. Follow the trail until crosses a creek before connection to the main Chief trail, then make a right and follow the stairs. Continue following the trail until you come to a fork, there will signs indicating left for the South Peak or right to the Centre or North Peaks, head left to the South Peak for incredible views of Howe Sound, the Sea-to-Sky, and Squamish (the classic photo opt is taken from this peak). After taking in the views you can head back for a shorter hike or walk back to the fork and head right to check out the Centre and North Peaks. Some scrambling is required once you reach the peaks, there will be a ladder and some chains to help you up and down the peak.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Location: North Bend, WA

Distance: 6.4 km

Time:  2 hrs

Difficulty:  Moderate

Elevation: 354 m

Highlights: View of Rattlesnake Lake and surrounding mountains

Trailhead: From the parking lot follow the service road towards the lake, look out for the area with porta potties and map kiosks, there will be a sign indicating trailhead.


From the trailhead the trail is pretty straightforward with trail markers and a clear path leading the way. Rattlesnake Ledge is actually made up of three different rock points along the side of the mountain referred to lower, middle, and upper Ledge. The lower ledge is where most people hang out and where most photos you've seen floating around are taken from, this ledge can also get very busy and crowded due to it's popularity, views, and short hiking distance. If you venture a little bit further up the trail you'll make your way to the middle and upper ledges; both giving views of the ledges below them as well amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountain ranges, all while avoiding crowds. If you're not a fan of crowds then avoid hiking this trail on a warm Saturday afternoon and opt for an early morning hike or weekday hike. Either way this place is beautiful and worth the hype!