Snoqualmie Falls Trail

Location: Snoqualmie, WA

Distance: 2.3 km

Time: 1 hr

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation: 76 m 

Highlights: A view of the base of the falls

Trailhead: Behind the giftshop and visitor centre along the walkway; look for kiosk with a map.


Part of Snoqualmie Falls popularity is due in part to cult favourite, Twin Peaks, which features the falls and hotel throughout the series as the setting of The Great Northern. You can view the falls from viewing platforms and walkways along the edge of the hotel and river, but for a more unique perspective follow the trail down to the base of the river. The trail is more of a quick nature walk than hike, and can become quite crowded, but the views are well worth it. The trail quickly descends down the river where you will pass a lower parking lot and continue onto a boardwalk along the river. Getting that classic view on the rocks of Snoqualmie Falls requires hopping the guardrails of the boardwalk; while many people do it it's not recommend as the rocks and be slippery and water levels can rise unpredictably. Venture at your own discretion. When you're done head to North Bend and grab a slice of cherry pie at the Double R, or Twedes Cafe. Check out our trip to Snoqualmie Falls here.

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