Lakes Agnes, Banff

The Lake Agnes hike is a fairly popular one with the trailhead starting at Lake Louise (opposite the parking lot) with a mountain tea house situated next to the lake. The hike takes about 2.5-3 hours return, it leads you passed Mirror Lake and up to Lake Agnes with beautiful views of Lake Louise and a place to take a seat for a tea and snack. 

The hike twists and turns through lush forest with the occasional glimpse of Lake Louise below as you make your way higher up the mountain. 

Lake Agnes! Once we made it the top we had plans to carry on passed the lake so we didn't stop for lunch at the tea house, however all tea house info can be found here

From Lake Agnes you can carry on to the Big Beehive (beginning of trail above) which is a lookout hut giving incredible views of Mirror Lake and Lake Louise, this trail is all switchbacks and has a lot of Lake Agnes traffic along it. 

Or, you can continue up the mountain directly behind the tea house and make your way to the Little Beehive which has a lot less people along it and a unique view of Lake Louise. We chose to take the Little Beehive trail after taking a walk around Lake Agnes.

Check back soon for our photos from the Little Beehive hike!


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