Camp Essentials for Girls

I love spending time outdoors and in nature, but I also like to look put together and fresh faced. I think for a lot of people, girls especially, camping can seem off putting because of the lack of amenities and having to forgo luxuries like running water and hair driers. The trick is to keep things minimal and tack advantage of multi-purpose products. Below I round up some of my outdoor toiletries essentials and a few extras.

Your essentials list may differ from mine depending on your needs or where you'll be camping. For example on my next trip I'll be bringing along tinted lip balm and tinted moisturizer (and maybe mascara) because I plan to stop for coffee and dinner in Banff/Lake Louise- if I were staying somewhere more remote I'd probably skip those items. 


  • Dry shampoo
  • Brush
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Makeup wipes - make sure to buy ones that won't leave a residue on your skin. The point is to cleanse the skin and not having to rinse with water 
  • Baby wipes - for ya bod if you need to freshen up between showers
  • Lip balm - preferably with spf & tinted if you wish
  • Tinted moisturizer/bb cream with spf
  • Beauty balm - I love Camp Desert Wonder Balm, but any brand will do. Perfect for extra dry lips or skin, minor burns, a face treatment, or even taming fly aways. 
  • Deodorant 


  • Shampoo/conditioner - depends how long you'll be away/if you have access to a shower
  • Lotion/oil - I always have hand lotion on me but extra face moisturizer or rose hip oil would be nice to have on standby
  • Toner - to help keep your face squeaky clean
  • Sea salt spray and/or frizz serum for styling air dried/unwashed hair

This list would also work well for long road trips or even backpackers. These are my essentials, let me know what yours are or if I missed anything!

get busy living deep!