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Holiday Gift Guide // Girls

1. Cozy Toques / A girl's gotta keep her head warm! The two above are both from Aritiza, the black one by TNA and the camel by Babaton. Toques are everywhere so where you purchase them doesn't matter too much as long as their soft and don't give off any "cone head" vibes. Extra points go to this Babaton hat though for being made out of a wool-cashmere blend.

2. Ultimate Exploration Parka / This seems to be the coat of choice for ladies exploring coastlines and mountain ranges- it really is a good one. TNA seriously knows how to blend style with functionality. The above style is great for adventuring; the large front pockets are perfect for a cell phone, camera, or trail snacks and the length of the coat doesn't reduce mobility at all while still covering the backside. If your lady likes longer coats I'd recommend this one. As far as how warm they actually are I have three words... Wind Chill Warning.

3. The Sweater / Oh camp! Camp Brand Goods has mastered the sweatshirt. All their goods are crazy soft, great quality, and made in Canada. It hasn't been proven but wearing a Camp sweater actually makes you more adventurous. All their stuff is unisex too, so while buying something for your girl you might as well get yourself a gift. All girls like to secretly match with their guy anyways.

4. Bake us a cake / This is the "I really like this but would never actually buy it for myself" kinda gift for any girls in your life who are into baking. She may not need another wooden spoon or cookie cutter but the added touches in this set will definitely put a smile on her face.

5. Soft lips / The Sugar lip treatments by Fresh are the ultimate lip balm/lipstick combo, they keep lips soft and conditioned while adding a touch of subtle colour. Rose, Honey, and Petal are the most subtle of the colours available, however there is also an original clear option. Try 'em all with this gift set.

6. Soft Hands / Everyone needs soft hands. The Body Shop Hemp range is an amazing lotion for colder dry climates. It has more of a balmy thick texture to it that wont wash off immediately and leaves a protective layer over hands.

7. Warm Wrap Blanket / Wrap blankets are a must for taking hiking or sitting around a camp fire. The Beach People make massive round blankets which are perfect for cozying up in. The leather strap pictured above is sold separately, but would be a great purchase on its on to use on any current favourite blankets. Give Perf is another blanket brand we like if round isn't your thing.

8. Detox Bath / Most ladies love taking a nice relaxing bath, especially once the temperatures start to dip. These Sea Goddess bath salts are formulated to detox, refresh, and soften the skin. Another plus, the packaging is so cute she'll love it even if she doesn't end up using it in the bath.

9. Candles / Candles, candles, and more candles. When all else fails buy her a candle. Just be cautious of cheap candles that give off too much of a perfumy or 'fake' scent. Our top pick? The hand poured campfire scent candle from P. F, which smells of campfire and s'mores, so even if your girl can't get outside and be around a campfire she can at least pretend she is.