Meet // Westcoast Wanderers

We recently sat down with the founders of Westcoast Wanderers, a lifestyle blog based out of Vancouver, to find out how they got started and get some insiders tips on where to roam Vancouver. Westcoast Wanderers first caught our attention with the their laid-back style and beautiful back drops; two elements we greatly appreciate here at Spruce & Gunn. Read on to find out more about this dope duo!


1. First off, introduce yourselves and where you're from?

We are Janel Huisman and Sydnee Klassen and we are both from Vancouver, BC.

2. What is Westcoast Wanderers and how did it get started?

Westcoast Wanderers is a lifestyle blog that incorporates everything we love from fashion to adventures to music. We started it while in school for Fashion Marketing because we couldn’t find a blog out there that represented our unique style. We thought we would take the opportunity to use our skills from school and create a space for people that love to wander in style.   

3. Being from Vancouver you have an abundance of nature and beautiful scenery right at your door step; where are your favourite places to adventure in the area?

Our favourite place definitely has to be Golden Ears Provincial Park. We just can’t get enough of this place because there are so many different trails and views that we can go somewhere new every time. It’s also the perfect place to do our photoshoots because it’s relatively close and gives a gorgeous backdrop to any photo.

4. Your blog focuses on a blend of style and adventure. What are some of your favourite brands to take into the woods with you?

Of course we love to wear our Spruce & Gunn wildlife t-shirts into the woods because they are so comfy and perfect for any adventure. We also love to take our Herschel Supply Co. backpacks with us because they are perfect for holding all of our adventure items. We love any brands that offer a great style and incorporate comfort into that so we can wander around with ease. We especially love brands that are local or that give back to different causes or the community.  

5. Your go-to adventure outfit?

We would have to say our go to adventure outfit includes a comfy/warm pair of black pants, a t-shirt, a flannel wrapped around our waist, a utility jacket, sneakers, and a toque or hat to finish it off.  We want to make sure we are prepared for the outdoors while still being able to be somewhat stylish for any photos we may take.

6. You also incorporate a lot of music into Westcoast Wanderers, top 5 songs at the moment?

Big Gigantic – The Little Things (Kasbo Remix)

Jai Wolf – Like Its Over

Sam Feldt & Deepend – Runaways

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (Kungs Remix)

NoMBe – California Girls (Sonny Alven Remix)

7. When you're not working on Westcoast Wanderers what are some of your favourite things to do?

When we aren’t working on the blog we like to enjoy our days by checking out cute cafes and boutiques. When we feel like getting more active we like to grab our longboards or snow skis to get a breath of fresh air while doing something we love. Or we are hiking and checking out new trails in the area. Doing things like these allows us to get our head out of our work and find new inspiration.

8. For Vancouver first-timers, what are your top recommendations, whether it be food, shopping, or hiking?

If you’re looking for some good food at relatively cheap prices we would suggest checking out The Warehouse, Meat & Bread, and Bao Down. Also if you are looking for a nice treat check out Cartems Donuterie and Off The Grid Waffles. As for shopping we love heading downtown and walking down Granville Street and Robson Street because there is a variety of places to shop. In regards to hiking, we recommend our favourite hiking spot, Golden Ears Provincial Park because there are a lot of beginner hikes that almost everyone can do.

Huge thanks to the ladies of WW for taking the time to chat with us! You can check out more of these two on their blog, Instagram, or Facebook