Johnston Canyon Ink Pots

To get to the Ink Pots travel past the Johnston Canyon Upper Falls and follow the signs that lead uphill. Almost as soon as you get past the Upper Falls the crowds nearly disappear as not many people continue the hike the Ink Pots (5.8 km roundtrip). 

The hike there is pretty tough as it's completely uphill- you basically hike up a mountain and down into a valley, but the views are completely worth it! The Ink Pots consist of several pools of emerald coloured cold mineral springs that remain a constant temp of 4C. 

There are several places to sit around the Ink Pots so we recommend bringing a lunch or some snacks to chill out with and enjoy the view. We stopped off at Safeway in Canmore for cheap (and massive) sandwiches, fresh juice, and hummus - perfect meal, perfect rest stop. 

We ended up getting some rain during our hike but didn't mind at all as the fog rolled in and the few people there dispersed. The hike back is a lot easier than the hike there - take it all in and enjoy!

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