maligne lake

Maligne Lake, Jasper

Maligne Lake is Jasper's version of Banff's Moraine and Lake Louise. All three are truly iconic with their stunning turquoise waters contrasted against lush forest, the Canadian Rockies, and that crisp fresh air. It doesn't matter how many times you have visited these spots or how many photos you see, there's still something magical about these locations that leave you in awe every single time. 

You can explore the area by driving the scenic Maligne Lake Drive, taking a tour, renting a canoe, or hiking the surrounding area. Definitely prepare to spend a good portion of your day in the area as you'll want to stop off at Maligne Canyon on the way so be sure to pack a lunch to enjoy at the lake. 

Maligne's famed Spirit Island is actually located 14 km up the lake and can only be reached by water. It's best to book a boat tour to take you to the island however, you can alternatively paddle your way there by renting a canoe if your up for the journey.