trail guide

Peyto Lake Trail Guide


Location: Banff National Park, 45 km from Lake Louise

Distance: 1.5 km return

Time:  30 min

Difficulty:  Easy

Elevation: 40 m

Highlights: The famous glacier fed wolf-shaped lake

Trailhead: From the Bow Summit parking lot along the Icefield Parkway. Trail head starts at the opposite end of parking lot entrance and leads to a viewing platform. 

Check out our visit to Peyto and learn how to bypass the crowds. Alternatively, after the Peyto lookout continue onto the trail on your left, there will be signs for a trail leading down to Peyto Lake, pass by this trail and continue walking until you find a trail that leads to an old fire road. The fire road will lead you to the Bow Lake lookout, continue walking until Peyto Lake comes into view. From this point you can scramble up the mountain for better views of Peyto or continue along the road for views of Bow Lake and the Icefield Parkway. *Taking the fire road will lengthen the time of your hike. 30 minutes is an approximate time to hike to and from the Peyto lookout only. 

Joffre Lakes Trail Guide


Location: Pemberton, BC

Distance: 10 KM

Time:  4-5 hrs 

Difficulty:  Intermediate 

Elevation: 370 meters 

Highlights: Rivers, glaciers, a waterfall, and several lakes

Trailhead: Drive north of Pemberton on Duffey Lake Rd for about 30 KM, to the right will be a large marked parking lot. The trail begins at the end of the parking lot. 

The trail is relatively easy and awarding as it takes you passed all three lakes. Be sure to back a lunch as you'll want to stay a while once you reach the upper lake. Be sure to walk a bit further passed the trail to get a better glimpse of the Matier Glacier. If you'd like to stay longer you can also camp over night at the upper lake by purchasing a camping pass